A Gem in Amelia: Homestead Used Books

If you’ve ever traveled into the heart of Amelia, you may have noticed the old school bus resting aside a little house. Cased inside this ordinary and unassuming building is a rich maze—of books. From a plethora of original 1930s Nancy Drew novels to shelves devoted to all things religious and metaphysical, there’s little Homestead Used Books doesn’t have. For seventeen years, owner Harry Tuch has vended his book collections at the Friendship (IN) flea market as well as driving long hours to numerous other markets. Formed around the congregation of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, Tuch’s vast book sale at the flea market has become a meeting ground for extreme leftists and rightists in a significant way—it often acted as a forum for engaged and mature discussion, a breath of fresh air from more vehement exchanges.

homesteadbooks2            An ardent book lover since childhood, Mr. Tuch discussed the importance of keeping print alive; in today’s world, there are very few “Mom and Pop” book stores, many having been overrun by larger corporations like Borders or Barnes and Noble. But even now, Borders has closed and Barnes and Noble is struggling with the advent of e-reading. He says, “I hope to fill the niche left by these stores.” The wonderfully quirky Homestead Used Books is open by chance or appointment—so next time you pass, stop and take a look—you never know what you might find.

Want to contact Mr. Tuch? Email/call or visit his website!

65 West Main St.
Amelia, OH 45102



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