Keeping Amelia Beautiful: Meet Brian Deel

During this year’s particularly icy winter, the snow plows have been especially busy, clearing and salting the roads so residents can get to work or run errands. But, there has been little recognition for the team behind all this work—Brian Deel and his crew have been out nearly every day this chilly week to keep our roads safe. Here’s a more personal look at Mr. Deel, the man who works to keep Amelia beautiful and clean for residents and visitors alike.

Mr. Deel started working for the Village in the summer of 2014, and he is in charge of nearly all the maintenance of Amelia with the help of his crew. Just a few of the tasks with which Mr. Deel is involved: mowing and maintaining Amelia’s playgrounds, repairing streets and buildings that are damaged, putting up signage or speed bumps, and caring for the two cemeteries. If you’ve noticed the flowers on street corners outside of buildings like Walgreens in the summer months, owe those to Mr. Deel and his crew. Mr. Deel is also at every event hosted in Amelia—the annual Christmas Parade, Easter-Egg Hunt, Touch-a-Truck event, and Halloween Fest, to name some of his favorites.

When I interviewed Mr. Deel, he told me he was very much a homebody. Spending his free time on his farm, he most enjoys spending time with his family and has been married to his wife for thirty years with one son and a ten year-old grandson. Among his hobbies are fishing, and when he’s not working on the uptake of the Village, he’s working on his own home and on various projects in his garage.

A special thanks to Brian Deel for all his work, especially with all the recent weather!