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Bar Examiners: ‘Have You Thought-about Catheters?’ — See Additionally

The Divine Right Of Bar Examiners: New York BOLE blows off state legislator for daring to question draconian exam procedures. Not for nothing, but I’m actually as incensed over the salutation in this letter as I am about the substance… and I’m pretty mad about the substance.

Making Some Progress: Biglaw firm unveils diversity program. In the grand scheme of the problem it may not be revolutionary, but firms have to start somewhere and this is a pretty solid step.

It Ain’t Over Until The Streisand Effect Sings: The lawyer for the Central Park Karen is making sure she remains on the front pages by threatening what seem to be frivolous lawsuits.

Sad: Rudy Giuliani is officially no longer working for Donald Trump. At least they’ll get to see each other in all the actions where they’re co-defendants.

A Small Violin In A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Stop comparing Gina Carano’s firing to the McCarthy-era blacklist. It’s not the same at all and that’s before you get to the fact that one was about unionizing and the other was about a string of repugnant things and dragging the most PR jumpy company in the world into it.

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