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Capitol Insurrectionist Lawyer Mercifully Ends His Election Lawsuit Due To Lack Of Proof/Cash

Paul Davis (Image via Twitter)

Remember Paul Davis? Sure you do, he’s the Hobbit-lovingCapitol-insurrectionist attorney who lost his in-house job when he posted to social media about his participation in January 6th and filed election lawsuits (not that he calls them that) against … pretty much every politician and also Mark Zuckerberg, because, reasons, that were full of batshit legal theories and he does NOT like it when people make fun of him.

Anyway, after the now-former general counsel got fired from that job, you’ll recall he filed a lawsuit seeking to undo the entirety of the 2020 election because of violations of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) which, in turn, he says begat civil rights violations. Yes, in follow-on filings he cited every nerd’s first love J.R.R. Tolkien for the notion that the United States could be ruled by a steward and we all laughed (with good reason) at that. But eventually he was fired by some of those plaintiffs over a disagreement over legal strategy, and he filed a second lawsuit, that on the internet is called In Re Gondor II but is really Bravo v. Pelosi, reiterating the causes of action from his first lawsuit.

But alas, Gondor II is no more!

In a recently filed notice of dismissal, Davis says the lawsuit can’t go on, since well, he doesn’t have the resources to pursue the case. Oh, and the “evidence” he was going to use has mysteriously been destroyed.

Moreover, one of their own staff has now represented that he has destroyed evidence Plaintiffs intended to use to establish personal jurisdiction over various non-resident Defendants.

But “fans” of his legal stylings need not despair — he promises a new lawsuit aimed at only the Texas defendants. And Mark Zuckerberg. But what we really want to know is…. will there be hobbit references in his next lawsuit…?

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