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A Coachella Valley man is accused of grabbing women on Orange County running trails in order to sexually assault them. Law enforcement officers believe there may be other victims and are setting up a hotline to gather more information.

The Orange County District Attorneys’ office reports that “since January 2020, at least three women have been snatched off running trails in an Aliso Viejo park and choked unconscious in an attempt to sexually assault the women. One of the women was raped.”

The cases date back to January of 2020. A task force has been working to find the suspect and Monday, the District Attorney’s office announced an arrest.

Prosecutors now say Robert Daniel Yucas, 51, of Cathedral City, is the man they’ve been searching for. Yucas is now in custody in Anchorage, Alaska. Prosecutors also connected Yucas to an alleged crime in San Diego county. District Attorney Todd Spitzer says DNA evidence is providing a link between several cases.

Investigators say Yucas travels for work as a commercial cargo pilot. Because of his ability to travel, they are concerned there may be “many other victims.”

A tip line has been established: 714-647-7419.

“He moved from Aliso Viejo to Cathedral City,” DA Spitzer said.

News Channel 3 interviewed Yucas ahead of the September 11th anniversary. An image from that interview was used in the news conference. “That is the best picture we have of him,” of what he looks like presently, said the District Attorney.

“He did that interview voluntarily and while people were looking for him,” DA Spitzer said.

Watch the Orange County District Attorney explain the new developments below.

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