Detroit lawyers assault claims of authorized group that fought the election

The nine lawyers who tried to reverse Michigan’s 2020 election are now searching for “excuses to avoid accountability,” attorneys for the city of Detroit wrote in a filing Wednesday as they continue a high-profile push for sanctions.

Detroit U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker is weighing whether to levy financial and professional penalties against the lawyers after they unsuccessfully asked the court to name Donald Trump Michigan’s winner, based on conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated assertions of fraud.

During a six-hour hearing on July 12, some of the attorneys attempted to distance themselves from the case. But the legal team for Detroit, a city that has been at the center of election-related claims, attacked their arguments in a brief on Wednesday.

“All nine of these lawyers have one thing in common — they knew that their names were on the signature blocks and not one of them asked to be removed,” wrote the attorneys for the city of Detroit. “They allowed their names and reputations as attorneys to be used to endorse this mendacious litigation, and now they should answer for the harm they caused.”

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