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Elizabeth Holmes’ Courtroom Trip Ends

Most of us have at best ambivalent feelings towards the coronavirus pandemic, and usually regard it as a particularly unpleasant year-and-change taken from us. Not so Elizabeth Holmes: While she may not exactly be having the time of her life, what with not being a billionaire anymore and all, she’s certainly made good use of it, getting conveniently knocked up by her 20something trust-fund baby husband (who needs to be a billionaire after all?). But, most importantly to Liz, we have to imagine, which is what she’s not been doing, and that is to say, going to court on those pesky fraud for allegedly lying about Theranos’ not-all-that-revolutionary and not-all-that-accurate blood tests, which could send her to the pokey until her unborn child is ready to drop out of Stanford him- or herself.

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