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The plaintiff in the case, Sahara Walker from Lake Mills, Wisconsinreceived the Gardasil vaccine when she was just 11 years old. She spent the next five years severely disabled and unable to attend school or take part in activities she had once enjoyed. Although she is still very disabled at the age of 19, special IV fluids now keep her off bed and can run and even ride a mountain bike.

The lawsuit (Case No. 3: 20-cv-01048) contains, among other things, allegations of negligence, non-compliance and manufacturing defects. According to the complaint, Merck knew or had reason to believe that Gardasil was faulty and ineffective. Instead of warning consumers of the dangers, the company wrongly hid information and also made false claims about the safety and effectiveness of Gardasil. Ms. Walker is seeking punitive damages against Merck because of the significant risk to children and patients injected with the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

"Merck is using the same development and marketing playbook for Gardasil that it used when it advertised Vioxx as a headache pill because it knew it caused heart attacks," says co-counsel Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. "Vioxx killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and paid Merck $ 7 billion in penalties and damages and agreed to stop the falsification of science. Unfortunately, Merck has not learned any lessons. Forgery of science, fraud against regulators, and hurting and killing their customers is the only business model this company knows about.

Merck used the same strategies to sell Gardasil to our children. The company made a whole generation sick. The list of victims and serious injuries continues to grow. This company is beyond shame or redemption. "


"Data suggests that Merck has given regulators false information about the link between HPV and cervical cancer, which helped them expedite this dangerous vaccine within six months," says the attorney Nicole K.H. Maldonado. "Merck has never properly tested Gardasil to make sure it is safe, and now the Sahara and countless others are suffering from debilitating injuries. We will hold Merck responsible for the damage the company caused."

Young woman diagnosed with POTS after receiving Gardasil Shot

Sahara Walker was 11 years old when she received her first and only hire from Gardasil September 25, 2013on the recommendation of their doctor. During the same doctor's visit, she also received the Tdap vaccine and the meningococcal conjugate vaccine.

Before receiving the HPV vaccine, Sahara had no autoimmune diseases, no autonomic problems and no orthostasis. A happy, healthy young girl who had just hit the top 97th percentile of all Wisconsin As a math student, Sahara consistently performed well, participated in sports, and was socially active with her friends and colleagues. She was a "mathematician" and had been on the math team for two years, winning tournaments and advancing to the state, but was not allowed to participate because she missed too many days of school due to her side effects from Gardasil.

Sahara's mother, wife Melissa Roglitz-Walkerwanted her daughter to get the Gardasil vaccine after seeing from Merck that Gardasil is very safe and prevents cancer. She thought she was a really good, responsible parent.

Two days after receiving the Gardasil shot, Sahara developed vomiting and a headache. One week later 3rd October 2013She developed severe body pain with vomiting and a headache from the week before. She soon developed a fever and began to sleep excessively. She reported extreme fatigue while awake. She was also dizzy, weak, and pale. Within a month of the shot, she was bedridden and wheelchair bound if she needed to be transported.

As the weeks turned into months, Sahara's symptoms and injuries continued to worsen. She has been seen by several doctors and specialists treating her growing list of symptoms, including daily migraines, severe body aches and pains, and cognitive impairment. With little to no relief from her symptoms, Sahara was unable to participate in the activities she had enjoyed prior to receiving the Gardasil vaccine.

In 2015, Sahara went to 54 doctor's appointments. A year later, her medication intake was up to 55 tablets a day. Because of her symptoms, Sahara could no longer go to school as she had before her Gardasil injection. The majority of grades 6 to 12 were homeschooled, mostly bedridden and wheelchair bound.

After testing to assess its symptoms and adverse events following Gardasil, the Sahara was diagnosed with a variety of disorders including neurocardiogenic syncope (NCS), postural orthostatic tachycardia (POTS), a form of orthostatic intolerance (OI) known as orthostatic hypotension (OH) referred to as. , Small Fiber Neuropathy, and Severe Autoimmune Autonomic Neuropathy.

Today Sahara is taking 14 prescription drugs. She also receives very expensive intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatment at home via a center line in her chest every three weeks. If IVIG treatment is stopped at these regular intervals, there will be a dramatic decline in her health until she becomes severely disabled again.

IVIG is a blood product made from the serum of 1,000 to 15,000 plasma donors per batch that floods the Sahara system with good antibodies to override their own bad antibodies that attack their own bodies. As Covid-19 began to ravage the country, some health professionals turned to IVIG as a treatment option so many people with injuries from Gardasil vaccines were concerned that IVIG supplies were running out.

"In conversation with other parents of children with Gardasil injuries, I can tell you that there will be great concerns about a possible IVIG deficiency in the near future," says Ms. Roglitz-Walker. "It would be devastating to my daughter and anyone with autoimmune autonomic neuropathy, small fiber neuropathy, POTS, dysautonomy, and other neurological disorders who need this treatment to keep them from being bedridden."

Allegations in the Gardasil vaccine process

Sahara Walker seeks to hold Merck accountable for its negligent, reckless and fraudulent behavior, as well as for the physical and emotional injuries she suffered after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.

Before Merck launched Gardasil, the company negligently designed and conducted clinical trials to prevent clinical trials from exposing the vaccine's true risks, including autoimmune diseases. In addition, the complaint alleges that Merck knew, or should have known, that its poorly designed clinical trials and studies were insufficient to test the true long-term safety and effectiveness of Gardasil.

According to the complaint, Merck has also deliberately downplayed Gardasil's dangerous and unknown ingredients, including:

Phenylmethylsulfonyl Fluoride (PMSF) – A toxic nerve agent not intended for human consumption or injection.

Aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (AAHS) – A particularly toxic aluminum-containing adjuvant.

Polysorbate 80 – An emulsifier that has been linked to many health injuries, including anaphylaxis, infertility, and cardiac arrest.

Borax – A toxic chemical that can have long-term toxic effects.

Genetically modified yeast – Studies have been linked to various autoimmune diseases.

Lawyers representing Sahara Walker further claim that Gardasil contains a secret DNA adjuvant and a potentially dangerous ingredient that is believed to make the vaccine more effective. Merck allegedly used the DNA adjuvant to prolong the immunological effects of Gardasil, but illegally removed it from the list of substances and ingredients in the vaccine.

If Merck had given adequate and truthful warnings and properly disclosed and disseminated the true risks, limitations, and ineffectiveness of Gardasil to medical providers, patients, and the public, Ms. Walker's medical providers would never have offered or recommended the Gardasil vaccine. and Mrs. Walker would never have suffered the physical and emotional disabilities she continues to experience.

Statements by the applicant and her mother

"My injuries from the Gardasil vaccine stole so much from me. Before the vaccine, the possibilities for my future were endless. Now my life is full of shelter and medical interventions. This is not how a 19 year old should have to have life.

I want to warn people of possible serious side effects and let other injured people know that they are not alone. I fight for all of us. "- Sahara Walker

"We are pro-vaccine. We would never have let Sahara get the Gardasil vaccine if we hadn't believed in the importance of vaccines. But since she became sick and disabled within days of the shot, we firmly believe hers." Side effects were caused by the Gardasil vaccine. Although rare, side effects to vaccines are very real.

Pharmaceutical companies that develop vaccines shouldn't have the ability to self-monitor and collect their own data in order to mislead the FDA and the public about the safety and effectiveness of their vaccines. It is imperative that there be tighter controls and more transparency so that the medical community and the public can make truly informed decisions. Only then can we really protect our children's lives. "
– – Melissa Roglitz-Walker

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tree Hedlund Aristei & Goldman is one of the leading law firms in the country representing individuals harmed by the Gardasil vaccine. The company can look back on a long history of success in which pharmaceutical and chemical companies are held accountable. The company co-directed two of the Roundup cancer studies against Monsanto that a $ 2 billion Judgment on behalf of Alva and Alberta PilliodThis was the second highest judgment in the nation and the ninth largest in US history.

Our company wants to emphasize that we are not against vaccines. They have the potential to eradicate disease and save millions of lives. However, we are against deliberate efforts to mislead consumers as to the safety and effectiveness of any drug or vaccine. Our company has always fought – and will continue to fight – to ensure that consumers are fully and honestly informed about the risks associated with drugs, vaccines, chemicals, medical devices, or consumer products. We will work tirelessly to ensure that these rights are defended and that victims of injustice are compensated for their violations. Gardasil makes good vaccines look bad.

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