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Hertz Now The Solely Factor Prepared To Purchase Hertz Shares

Everyone loves an underdog. When Hertz was on life support, having been battered and bruised by years of bad decisions and then the coronavirus pandemic, people—day traders, mostly, but they are still people, just—couldn’t get enough of its stock, which even the company itself admitted was all-but-worthless. So many people were lining up to buy $500 million in shares in a company at that point worth exactly half that that the Securities and Exchange Commission had to step in and stop it.

But it turns out all the doom and gloom was misdirected. Hertz, bankruptcy aside, wasn’t an underdog. It was going to be fine. Boring, even. Able to buy 100,000 Teslas! And now all that’s become clear—and Hertz is back on a big-boy stock exchange—the only thing interested in buying Hertz shares is Hertz itself.

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