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Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Area Identify? — See Additionally

They’re Not Even Expensive!: So Paul Davis got fired from his own stupid lawsuit but he signed this thing with an email address connected to a domain name he didn’t even own? What do they cost, like $10? I’m starting to wonder if this whole insurrection thing wasn’t the FIRST sign of shaky professional judgment.

Easiest. Marks. In The World.: Law schools keep finding themselves saying, “sure, the invited speaker said we need to round up  immigrants and sell their body parts to the highest bidder, but I’m really disappointed you all said mean things about him — learn some DECORUM!

APROPOS OF NOTHING: Did anyone else watch the Earth land a probe with pinpoint accuracy on a dot millions of miles away yesterday? We are truly a fantastic thing when we aren’t pretending science doesn’t exist. Anyway, it will shock you not at all to learn that the Biglaw firm that made the most money off of COVID challenges was Jones Day.

Useful Step: Another firm offers billable credit for diversity.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, You’re Saying A School Named After A Slave Trader Has Residual Discrimination Issues?: Yale Law Journal not looking great on its most recent Above the Law check-in.

Con Law’s Hard Y’All: As Judge Smails said, “the world needs ditch diggers too. Unfortunately now they’re congresspeople.

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