Lawyer: Wind induced double deadly I-90/94 crash, not La Crosse driver’s impairment

In the first jury trial held in Sauk County Circuit Court in more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic took over Wisconsin, the attorney for the accused told a jury as it sat behind plexiglass dividers that his client did not cause a car crash that resulted in the deaths of two people and injuries of another two.

Albart B. Shores, 58, of La Crosse, faces 15 felony charges in relation to a traffic crash in October 2018 that resulted in the deaths of two people. They include homicide by use of a vehicle, injury by use of a vehicle, driving while intoxicated with a passenger under 16 and others related to driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance.

His attorney, Jeremiah Meyer-O’Day, said that the 0.094% alcohol level, which is higher than the legal level to drive of 0.08%, and cocaine found in blood samples taken from Shores roughly two hours after the crash do not prove he was driving impaired.

The attorney went on to say weather conditions that day, namely a strong wind, was likely what caused the crash. He posited that either no one is to blame or that the other vehicle struck Shores’ first and that the scene of the crash was not handled correctly immediately after the crash.

“In cases like this, typically we rely on crash reconstruction to tell us how a crash happened and, more importantly, why a crash happened,” Meyer-O’Day said. “The entirety of the scene was not even looked at. In fact, the two lanes of I-94 by the Dells where this happened. … At least an hour goes by where there’s heavy traffic on Interstate 94 driving all over the evidence.”

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