Matthew Caruana Galizia Is Partially To Blame For His Mom’s Homicide, Authorities Lawyer Claims 

A government in-house lawyer has claimed that Matthew Caruana Galizia has some blame to shoulder for the assassination of his mother, journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

“We all make mistakes and Matthew Caruana Galizia made a huge mistake that contributed to his mother’s murder,” Anthony DeGiovanni said during a current affairs debate on Andrew Azzopardi’s 103FM radio show. “Didn’t he leave the car parked outside [on the night before the murder]?”

PN journalist Dione Borg asked DeGiovanni whether he is alleging that Caruana Galizia left his mother’s car outside on purpose, and DeGiovanni clarified that he believes he “made a mistake like everyone does” and that he is the last one who should be speaking.

“The mistake was committed by the government you support, which the public inquiry found was complicit,” Borg retorted.

A former PL Fgura mayor, DeGiovanni recently drew eyebrows when he was employed as the junior lawyer of the Social Care Standards Authority (SCSA), which is chaired by his daughter – PL candidate Katya DeGiovanni.

TheShiftNews reported today that the government refused to grant whistleblower status to a former SCSA employee who had flagged DeGiovanni’s appointment as “abusive” and “nepotistic”.

Caruana Galizia recently said that people who try to blame his mother’s murder on himself and his family do so to assuage their own guilty consciences.

“I think in many cases, they say these things because they feel guilty and a way to feel less guilty is to blame someone else,” he said on Jon Mallia’s podcast Il-Podcast ta’ Jon. “So they look for any explanation, no matter how ridiculous, like asking why the dog didn’t bark.”

Following DeGiovanni’s latest comment, Flutura Kusari – legal advisor of the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom – urged Prime Minister Robert Abela to publicly ask his supporters to stop intimidating the late journalist’s family.

“Why is it so difficult for Robert Abela to publicly ask his supporters to stop intimidating Daphne’s family?” she asked. “A good way to show support for the family would be to visit the site where Malta’s best investigative journalist was assassinated.”

PN MPs Jason Azzopardi and Therese Comodini Cachia went on to warn that it would be puerile of the President of the Republic to speak of national unity until Abela takes a clear stance against such attempts to blame Matthew Caruana Galizia for his mother’s murder. 

Do you think Robert Abela should publicly condemn these allegations? 

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