Mohali's lawyer fined Rs 2.5 lakh for wrongdoing – Occasions of India

SHIMLA: After the Himachal Pradesh court found a Mohali lawyer guilty of professional misconduct, it strongly reprimanded him and charged him 2.5 lakh. The HC also made it clear that in the event that he commits professional misconduct in the future, he would face such punishment as the Bar Council stipulates. The court also made it clear that a lesser sentence imposed by it will no longer be treated as a precedent in the future.
Maneesh Kumar Bali, a Mohali attorney, filed a petition on July 15 to seek bail for his client Vikram Singh, who is permanently resident in New South Wales, Australia. The affidavit submitted in support of the petition was confirmed in Shimla.
When the court investigated the matter, it emerged that Vikram Singh was not present in Shimla at the time the affidavit was confirmed and Maneesh Kumar Bali had misled the oath commissioner about Vikram Singh's presence outside the court at the time of the courtroom judgment Certificate of petition.
Attorney Rakesh Raghuvanshi, who upheld the affidavit in his capacity as oath commissioner, told the court that on July 15, Maneesh Kumar brought the petition to Bali to approve it.
When he saw two different addresses of the petitioner in the affidavit, he inquired about the MP and Bali informed him that his client was sitting outside the courthouse as Covid-19 security standards prevented him from entering the bar room.

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