Legal Law

Morning doc: 11.20.20

* A California judge has approved some marijuana delivery services within the state. Presumably Pineapple Express can now be expressly delivered, and you can have your weeds and nibbles delivered at the same time … (Los Angeles Times)

* Joe Biden might consider Deval Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor, to be his attorney general. (CBS Boston)

* A new lawsuit alleges that employees at a meat packaging facility in Waterloo, Iowa (a facility hard hit by the pandemic) placed bets on how many workers would contract COVID-19. Seems pretty morbid. (CNN)

* A lawyer was charged with multiple crimes for allegedly tricking teenage girls into sleeping with him in exchange for being their "sugar daddy". (New York Post)

* A former Virginia attorney said "I may have made a mistake" after losing his legal license for allegedly abusing millions of a client. Seems like an understatement … (CBS News)

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