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Morning Docket: 04.12.21

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* A lawsuit about the use of the “Corona” brand name with hard seltzers is heating up. It’s an interesting name to be associated with these days… [Yahoo News]

* Ramsey Clark, the former United States Attorney General and a civil rights lawyer, has passed away at 93. [New York Times]

* An Oklahoma City attorney, who allegedly fell in love with a client, has been charged in the triple murder of the client’s girlfriend and parents. [Oklahoman]

* Congressman Matt Gaetz has hired a lawyer who is also representing the Trump Organization in a criminal probe. [NBC News]

* President Biden has established a commission to consider reforms to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary. [Politico]

* The State of Florida has filed a lawsuit aimed at reopening the cruise industry. This would make a great plot of a sequel for Speed 2: Cruise Control… [CBS News]

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