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Morning Docket: 04.14.21

* A Michigan lawyer is accused of taking money his dead client meant to give to the Michigan Humane Society. Guess it’s a dog-eat-dog world… [Michigan Live]

* A class action has been filed against Whole Foods over the labeling of its “Lemon Raspberry Italian Sparkling Mineral Water” which purportedly did not contain enough lemon or raspberry ingredients. [National Law Review]

* The Pennsylvania prosecutor caught allegedly delivering food with DoorDash during the work day has resigned from his job. [Courier Times]

* A New York attorney has had his bank accounts frozen after clients alleged that the lawyer stole money from them. [Crain’s New York]

* A Pennsylvania law firm is moving to a new space after 118 years in the same building. Hope they at least got a pretzel day for that loyalty… [WPXI News]

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