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Morning Docket: 04.20.21

Eric Holder (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

* Former Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. now bills at $2,295 an hour in private practice. Quite a step up from the government grind… [ABA Journal]

* A disbarred lawyer has been sentenced to prison for stealing nearly $1 million from a first responder who suffered 9/11-related illnesses. [New York Daily News]

* A Texas attorney has been charged in a $225 million tax fraud. [Houston Chronicle]

* Attorney General Merrick Garland led a commemoration for the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings, a case with which Garland was involved as a federal prosecutor. [New York Times]

* The lawyer for “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli is having his retirement accounts garnished as part of a restitution order related to purported wire and securities fraud. [ABA Journal]

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