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Supreme Nothingness — See Additionally

Yawn: Supreme Court reform commission comes back with… not much of anything.

Interesting Timing: By pure coincidence, the commission report that couldn’t figure out if there might be a legitimacy problem with a life-tenured high priesthood of a Supreme Court released their findings just in time for Clarence Thomas to celebrate 30 years on the Court.

Critical Race Theory… Where The REAL Money Is: Wingnuts think Merrick Garland is using the DOJ to get rich off critical race theory or something.

Don’t Envy The Firm PR Team: Mayer Brown was helping China crackdown on Hong Kong. Yeesh.

There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Never Mind: Kirkland & Ellis is bringing folks back to the office, but at least you get free breakfast and lunch.

The Emperor Has No Cybersecurity: Missouri is threatening a journalist with “noticing things in the first degree” after figuring out that the state accidentally posted the social security numbers of a bunch of teachers.

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