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Take A Tour Of This Biglaw Workplace — Full With Swimming Pool, Bar, And Salon

I’m not usually one to fall all over myself over Biglaw perks. I mean — meals, cars and the occasional booze are all par for the course. But WOW, I was not prepared for the onslaught of perks in this virtual tour of Clifford Chance’s London office.

The clip, posted to Instagram by Lucy Cole a future trainee solicitor at the firm, features some truly jaw dropping perks. Yes, there are some nice, though expected, perks at the firm like a coffee shop and cafeteria. But some are over the top. We are talking a hair salon, squash court, bar, spin studio, and yes a POOL.

Take a peek for yourself.

Yes, this may all be a ploy to keep folks in the office (when you’re allowed back to the office, that is). BUT — at least attorneys working their butts off can get a (tiny) break thanks to Clifford Chance’s swanky perks.

Legal blogger offers sneak peek inside magic circle firm’s perk-filled office [Legal Cheek]

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