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The Newest In Biglaw Hotness? Shade-Coded Wristbands

The latest trend in COVID accommodations are color-coded wristbands — because as much as some folks are ready to return to their pre-pandemic lives, not everyone feels the same way. So for big events, like weddings or similar, it’s become trendy to offer guests a choice of wristbands to indicate their comfort level. Green means you’re cool with physical touching, like handshakes and high fives and are ready to party like it’s 2019. Yellow indicates a more cautious approach… think elbow bumps. While red says, please stay 6 feet away and mask up.

But now this wedding trend has jumped to the corporate world. Global law firm Clyde & Co — with 2,500 legal professionals worldwide — has made the move to these color-coded wristbands as they ease their way back to the office, as reported by Legal Cheek:

“Our shift to hybrid working has been really positive, but we are keen to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in the office and confident to express their preferences,” said Rob Hill, partner and chair of the firm’s UK board, in a statement. “We’ve introduced wristbands, an idea which we have seen other organisations use, as a way of drawing attention to the fact that we shouldn’t assume all our colleagues feel the same about things like shaking hands, mask wearing or social distancing.”

It’s a good reminder that no one really knows what post-COVID looks like or when we’ll get there. And they aren’t looking forward to going back to the office. But at least this provides a quick and easy way for folks to signal their comfort level… without the awkward conversations.

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