The veteran was hit by a automotive, the lawyer says he stole $ 100,000 from the settlement – Wink Information


A Purple Heart recipient seeks justice after saying a lawyer ripped him off. This came after he reached a six-figure deal after being hit by a car last year. We learned what's next for a veteran who needs the money to pay his soaring medical bills.

Veteran Jessie Beardsley was hit by a car in 2019 and given a wrong-way ticket. He won $ 100,000 in severance pay in the case, but never saw a dime.

"That's ok. I'm alive," he said.

Beardsley says he's lucky to be alive. He barely survived his service during the Vietnam War and was awarded the Purple Heart for it.

"I was on an armored personnel carrier and he turned around and everyone died but me," Beardsley said.

Last year, he barely survived being hit by a car while riding his bike through his neighborhood.

"The last thing I remember was slapping the hood and telling her to stop and then she finally stopped," Beardsley said.

Beardsley had to undergo numerous operations as a result of the accident. He decided to hire attorney Stephen Jones to sue the driver. They decided on $ 100,000.

Beardsley assumed his attorney would use the money to pay his medical bills, but that never happened.

Beardsley explained, "You get a bill that says," If you don't pay me, we'll garnish your wages. "You know, my pension, so I paid it.

We learned that another man has also filed a complaint against Jones at the Florida Bar. During this investigation, it was found that Jones had completely "exhausted" Beardsley's settlement. The bar called Beardsley to let him know the money was gone.

"The nicest man ever, and I just couldn't believe it when the guy called me and said he screwed you," Beardsley said. "And my wife called him and sent him bills," Beardlsey said. "I just hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. It's sad, just sad."

Investigators also tried to call Jones, but an automated message said the number was no longer working.

Beardsley still feels happy.

"Oh, I feel bad for my wife, my daughter, you know, my family," Beardsley said. “They are all watching me. They didn't know if I would live. I did not know it. But i am here That's all that counts."

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