Viral: Patna lawyer eats lunch throughout digital court docket session, solicitor-general Tushar Mehta asks him to ship some over

Although it’s been almost a year of working remotely and managing Zoom calls, there are still plenty of goof-ups making their way to the internet. In a recent case, a virtual session of court proceedings took a hilarious turn when a lawyer was seen enjoying his lunch, oblivious that his camera was on. Now, the funny moment caught during the online meeting is going viral.

In a video doing the rounds, a lawyer from Patna High Court is seen with a plate in his hand, sitting in front of a computer, while Solicitor General of India (SGI), Tushar Mehta, appeared on screen on the other end of the call. The hilarious clip shows the lawyer, identified as Kshatrashal Raj so preoccupied with his meal that he does not realise that Mehta is still on the call.

It seems like the speaker was on mute, and Raj missed Mehta’s verbal indications. Soon, Mehta called him on his mobile phone to make him aware of the faux pas. Startled to receive the call and realising his mistake, Raj is seen leaving his plate quickly, and trying to turn off the camera. However, Mehta, in a funny take on the entire incident, was heard saying: “Yahan bhejo”, asking him to send over some food.

Watch the video here:

The video is widely being shared across social media platforms, leaving netizens in splits, who loved the SGI’s reaction to gaffe. However, many defended the lawyer and said it’s quite relatable and it’s high time we should normalise zoom mishaps.

However, Raj is not the only advocate to have trouble with online sessions. Last month, a Texas lawyer took social media by storm after he struggled to turn off his cat filter during a Zoom proceeding.

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