WARMINGTON: Doomed fawn will get reprieve because of good lawyer

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Needless to say this fawn escaped death thanks to a good lawyer.

Actually, it was a couple of lawyers, a businessman and a golf pro who came to the animal’s need while playing a round at the Scarboro Golf and Country Club.

“We could hear something in the woods off the seventh fairway,” said Toronto lawyer Robert Warren. “It sounded like an animal in distress. There was a shrieking sound.”

When the foursome went to investigate last Wednesday, a fawn popped out from the woods.

Followed by an adult coyote.

“It was upsetting to see,” said Warren. “That’s when I heard (golf pro Matt Peavoy) yell ‘not on my watch.’”

With Peavoy, fellow lawyer Mike Clifford and businessman Fred Forster, they approached with golf clubs in hand to assist this “struggling” baby deer. The fawn was two seconds away from becoming a meal for a family of coyotes that had a den nearby.

“The coyote was no threat to us but wasn’t about to give up,” said Warren.

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Eventually, it ran away but left the tiny deer terrified and exhausted.

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Knowing the coyote was still in the area, they decided not to leave the deer there. So they took it to the clubhouse where the incredible staff provided some much-needed tender loving care.

This is a new story for the iconic golf club that Arnold Palmer loved and has hosted four Canadian Opens.

Toronto animal control officers were dispatched to help as well.

The foursome was told consideration was being given to try to raise the deer with a surrogate mother and perhaps later release it into the wild. There are also efforts underway to learn the whereabouts and condition of its mother.

However the wildlife experts decide to move forward, the fawn’s fate is already better than what would have happened if those four golfers hadn’t been there.

This fawn found out that if you are facing the death penalty, you need a good lawyer.

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